The Association of Family Child Care Educators
Formally known as Family Child Care Providers, Inc.

~ Serving Sacramento and its Surrounding Areas since 1974~

Promote quality child care services for the community through provider
education and support. Work to promote child and family friendly public
policy at the state and federal levels. Support the diversity of family child care
providers and the children in their care. Establish a cohesive working
relationship with parents, the Department of Social Services (Community Care
Licensing), Child Action Inc., Beanstalk and various food programs, local,
state and federal law makers, and the child care associations. Promote the
positive side of family child care to the media by representation at community
events that support the needs of children and families.
What is Family Child Care?

Family Child Care is a home-based service where child care is provided in the caregivers
home. The home must be licensed according to state laws. Family Child Care is
the most preferred type of care for young children, especially infants and toddlers. Many
family child care homes provide high quality programs for preschoolers, school age, and
children with special needs. Family child care is “home-away-from-home” personalized
professional child care.
What is The Association of Family Child Care Educators (FCCE)

The Association of Family Child Care Educators (FCCE) is a non-profit professional organization
committed to supporting family child care providers. This association provides support,
professional development, and resources to the community, families, and family child care
providers. Our goal is to build professionalism within the early care and education field and
to assist our members in their efforts to provide quality child care. Regular Membership is to
anyone who either providers family child care or who has an interest in supporting the family
child care field. This Includes family child care providers and assistants, local and state child
care resource and referral agencies, food program sponsors, corporations, parents and
The Association of Family
Child Care Educators

P.O. BOX 277494
Sacramento, California 95827
Presidents Messages
Hello and Happy New Year!

I hope that as you continue our commitment to provide quality child care to the children and families in your
communities that you grow not only in your business but, in all aspect of your life.  Let 2015 be the year that you
rejuvenate your passion as a child care educator.  Go to School, workshops, events and/or read books to help
improve your program or reevaluate your environment so that it always fresh and new.

Joining your local association is another way that you as a Early Childhood Educator can continue to grow a
professionally. When you become a member of the association it put you in touch with a wealth of information
and opportunities to continue to enhance your family child care business.  If you are not currently a member I
would like to encourage all of you to join FCCE.

Since becoming member in 2008, joining the leadership team and being voted as president of this association
last year. I have grown and learned many things that have helped me be a better leader and  educator.

•        I have learned how to better manage my time between family, work and leading.
•        I have learned how to be prepared for change, and even see it coming before it happens.
•        I have learned that there is a lot to learn when it come to leading but that I don’t have to know                         
everything before stepping into a leadership position.
•        I have learned that the other leaders on the board have knowledge and skills that I do not have but when
we all work together, it makes us all stronger.

What will you learn about yourself when you step up?

If you are interested in becoming a member or a leader with FCCE, step up now,
Now is the time to grow!

Peggy Gonzalez